Tools of the trade

This is about all I need to keep myself entertained. Now that’s low maintenance…

All of these tools are special to me, due to all of the carvings I have made with them and the fact that they sank to the bottom of the Amazon river and were recovered during one of my adventures. That makes them all the more special to me. The only tool not recovered from the boat wreckage was the 1 mm skew chisel, which in hindsight seems like an over indulgence of my tool collecting habit, and completely unnecessary. I have gotten along quite nicely without it.

Top to bottom: Skew chisel with tagua nut handle. I have learned to do without this mid range skew chisel. I ground down the end of a drill bit and inserted it into the tagua nut. It can be pulled out and inserted blade first into the handle as a blade protector when not in use. The blade on this is about 4 mm.

Next is my little 1 mm detail chisel. Its great for finishing toes, scales, feathers and eyelids.

Last but not least, is my favorite, the 11 mm skew chisel.

And with a couple of tagua nuts all I need now is a chair and a shade tree.


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