Head Shrinking 101


shrunken-head--dif-viewSo I’ve got this buddy who’s been wanting me to carve a shrunken head for him, from a tagua nut. He was probably just giving me a hard time for my admittedly odd practice of hanging my carvings of tagua faces around my neck. Or maybe he thinks he will harness the power of the tagua spirit if he has a shrunken head.  Well, regardless of why he wanted one,  I promised I would make it for him and he’s finally getting his wish.  I had put this off  long enough!

Last night over dinner I researched the subject of shrunken heads, online. Its quite a grizzly subject to study while eating, but I managed.
I had to throw out everything I knew about facial structure. The skin of a face  that’s been boiled and dried, with no bone or muscle underneath, does not take the shape that I know. What should be the jaw and lips protrude while the nose and forehead fall back dramatically, with the eyes and mouth sewn shut.

Notice the mandibular prognathism.  See, I learned new words while  working on this project.

This nut is 1  1/2″ x 1  1/8  small even for a shrunken head.

I am less than satisfied with the end result. I will make another shrunken head some other day. Next time I will carve the stitches in.




Of course after shrinking a head you must rub charcoal on it to keep the avenging spirit of the deceased from seeing out….. Yeah.  I might leave that up to my friend.

Up next, something completely different!!!


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