customized tool handle.

This is a prototype tool handle. Eventually I hope to make more for all of my  cheapo, er..uhh.. excuse me. I meant to say,  inexpensive, Chinese made, socket style carving tools. The sockets are attached to the handles with only  hot melt glue, so they can be easily separated. Some times during heavy mallet work they come loose. That’s when I pull them apart, take a lighter to the gluey handle for a few seconds and then jam the socket back onto the handle and whack it with the mallet.


The handle is made of a well seasoned, yew branch.  I whittled it to shape and then sanded it smooth. It remains unfinished.


The bottom two chisels both have handles from the manufacturer. These tools  all do the job, but they are advertised as being 9 1/2″ long. In reality however, the bottom tool is barely 8″. The middle tool has a thoughtfully turned handle style, but isn’t quite long enough, though I do like the wide butt on it.  I would have to be completely uncoordinated to hit my hand with my mallet using this tool.  The newly modified tool is over 10″ and meant to be used with two hands, one choking up on the shank and one back on the handle pushing and guiding the blade.  Added length equals added leverage.  It should also be able to take a little light mallet work.  The tools themselves are only a means to an end and not a work of art. I tried not to spend to much time working on it.


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