Pescado on Fabriano Artistico

Tucunare, resting before dinner.

On fabriano Artistico extra white 140# soft press 11″x 7″

This is  the first  in a  paper testing experiment.

I had a different experience with this paper than what I expected, having read from other bloggers.

This is the only paper that I know of that boasts of using synthetic sizing. That claim means nothing to me.  I really just want the paper that works  best for me, even if that paper happens to be sized with melted bunny rabbits.

Pros:  It’s the least expensive, good quality paper  that I have found.

It is  also the brightest white. The lightest value of a watercolor painting is always the paper,  so that is an important feature.

The paper does buckle some, but it seems to dry relatively flat.

The paper is tough and can handle some scrubbing. I don’t do much scrubbing though, so this is not very important.

It works well for wet on wet.

Cons: The sizing.  I like to have a longer working time. When working wet on dry, I need a brush in each hand, one to lay paint and one with water to soften edges, but not so much water that it creates blossoms.   If you like hard crusty edges you’ll love this paper.

I do happen to enjoy hard crusty edges and blossoms, but I like to have some control of where and when they happen.

Conclusion: All in all a very nice paper that does it’s job. I recognize my lack of experience contributes to some of this brands apparent shortfalls. Over time I expect I will find fewer  things  to complain about. After all, a good craftsman never blames his tools.


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