Pomegranate with tea; part 2

Another try at a familiar theme. I wish  that I had an apple or lemon, but no I only have a beaten up  old pomegranate that has been living in the back of my refrigerator for the last month.

I think this is my favorite triad combination.

I stuck my thumb in my wet signature. It’s good to let the paint dry before getting grabby.

Here’s an unfinished attempt. I don’t know why it didn’t get finished. I have a habit of wandering off sometimes.

I don’t remember exactly, but I think I used cobalt blue and the usual Q-gold and Q-coral.

I have been practicing doing contour drawings for these paintings. Leaving the pencil on the paper throughout the entire drawing is new for me. I have spent most of my life scribble sketching. Making a drawing with one continuous line is a real challenge for me but it looks cleaner and seems to be a better way. Especially if color is  to be applied over it.

Someday I will look back on these and laugh.  I hope.


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