Rust and Ideas

It’s time to start thinking about carving garden sculpture again. It must be spring time already. Let me step outside  and check that……..Brrrr, false alarm.

I have done the math and decided that, barring some kind of apocalyptic endless winter scenario, I will not have to burn any carving wood for heat.  In a future post we will go out to the drying rack and see if we can find a suitable piece.

Before any carving can be done I must first dig out the tools from where they were cast aside so long ago. I have not used them since my return from Peru. Few things are harder on high carbon steel than a rain forest environment. But can they be saved Doctor?! oh sure.

I did not do a before and after picture, but here you can see that one of these tools is offensive to the eye. The other 2 have been scrubbed and polished.  There’s enough steel on these babies to last for a couple of lifetimes  of hard work, (not the fishtail, but the other two) if I don’t let the rust eat them.

They still have a purpose to serve and have heard their master’s call.  That is comforting.

My dad once told me, “son….! The only problem with owning stuff is that you must take care of it.”  I don’t remember the circumstances, but I was probably wanting something. These are some of my most valued possessions. Valuing material possessions sounds sinful so lets move on, shall we?

So….. I have ideas. It’s funny how they come and go.  Like a tidal wave washing over and then flowing away. Or maybe it’s nothing so dramatic, maybe an idea is just a tickle in the brain, a small burst of electricity and then it is gone. However you like. Its good advice to always have a sketchbook or notebook handy, for such emergencies.   Its also good to have a  piece of soft wood handy to pound out a quick gesture.  Ideas are precious…don’t lose them

A couple of works in progress. Tomorrow I should complete both of them.


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