The Death of a Moleskine

The Moleskine watercolor sketchbook is finally finished. If you put in the work in a thoughtful manner you can’t help but improve. That’s what looking through a completed sketchbook  reminds me of.  If I look at the first page and then go to the last I always see where I have learned a few things and that is comforting.  When I am not filling up sketchbooks I like to sneak around and look at other painting blogs, I have read where others have removed the signatures from these books and sewn in their own  preferred paper……………. I found this paper to be quite adequate for the purpose of sketching.

This is a well traveled book, we have been to a lot of nice places together.

Its replacement which I made,  is a very poor substitute, it is already falling apart. I used normal sewing thread and when the spine got wet it started to deteriorate rapidly, also it could be true that I may not be the greatest book binder ever.

The best thing about this book is that it will fit in the large pocket of my shorts, if I use both hands to shove it in there. Its good to have your hands free while wandering about looking for things to sketch and I am not a backpack kinda guy, When I can avoid it.

Mexico beach and a nice little garden sculpture that belongs to my aunt. She has a scooped out bowl shape in her head for bird feed, or water for  a bath.  I am referring to the sculpture not my Aunt.

Sketchbooks are a good place to practice and to fail with no one to see, unless you wish to blog about it. While none of these images are a shining example of what watercolor paintings could be, I can assure you that there are some pages where my failures were epic.

Again, these are not great works of art, but an inquiring mind must study forms and how  light and shadows play.

I have carried this book around for so long thatI feel kinda naked when I leave the house without it.

This was a close call, I almost went the whole month of March without a post!


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