Happy WCW! I was going to lay some heavy color theory dogma on you today, but you don’t want that.  It’s too hot for it. You don’t want to eat your peas, you just want to sit in front of your fan and eat ice cream. I understand that.  No split primary color mixing charts. No reading about warm and cool yellows. It was 98 degrees yesterday, today, tomorrow and for as far as the weatherman can predict. They are all hot yellows right now. That’s all.

There  is a neat website for like minded people who are crawling around cities all over the world drawing and painting their habitat. it’s called urban sketcher’s. if you have the speed I recommend checking it out sometime.  I have not been there in a long time but I assume it’s still out there.

This was not done on location, but from an old photo which I took  with this project in mind.  At the time I knew I did not have the skills to pull it off .  I regret having not taken an earlier morning shot and an evening  picture, for more dramatic light and shadow.    It’s a small study (11″x15″) for a larger project which should already be done.


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