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On location, from the garden.

“Summertime” is 7 1/2″ x 11″ transparent watercolor.

The flower facing the viewer is exciting, wow! The other is equally boring. I did not time myself because that would suck the joy from the project, but I did make a conscious decision  to be quick about it. Fast and splashy.

This was fun. Not even the ankle biting flies could keep me down.




Happy WCW! I was going to lay some heavy color theory dogma on you today, but you don’t want that.  It’s too hot for it. You don’t want to eat your peas, you just want to sit in front of your fan and eat ice cream. I understand that.  No split primary color mixing charts. No reading about warm and cool yellows. It was 98 degrees yesterday, today, tomorrow and for as far as the weatherman can predict. They are all hot yellows right now. That’s all.

There  is a neat website for like minded people who are crawling around cities all over the world drawing and painting their habitat. it’s called urban sketcher’s. if you have the speed I recommend checking it out sometime.  I have not been there in a long time but I assume it’s still out there.

This was not done on location, but from an old photo which I took  with this project in mind.  At the time I knew I did not have the skills to pull it off .  I regret having not taken an earlier morning shot and an evening  picture, for more dramatic light and shadow.    It’s a small study (11″x15″) for a larger project which should already be done.

WaterColor Wednesday

Hello and welcome to the first ever “WaterColor Wednesday”. Very exciting for all of us, I’m sure.

This began on site but by 11:00 the sun was really blazing, so I took inside and made up some of the details.

15×22 Transparent Watercolor.

Plein air Sunday

Where CornStalk creek flows into Big Raccoon creek was the subject of the first ever “Plein air Sunday” .

It was a nice morning. I sat on the bank in a folding chair in the shade. There were no bugs and it was very pleasant.  I had a classmate who lived right by this spot a long time ago, so that brought up good memories. I thought about how lucky he was to have grown up in such a sweet spot and wondered if he had thought so too.   Dan, if you see someone by the creek painting and swearing, come on down and visit.

5″x7″  Transparent watercolors

The other side of the sheet.  Added value.

Sketchbook 4-23 to 7-3-11

I have finished the sketchbook that I have carried in my pocket for the months of May and June.

The Hand Book travel journal.

30 sheets = 60 pages of 95 lb coldpress watercolor paper. 5 1/4 x 8 1/4.

The paper is lightweight  and buckles under wet washes. If you like to use both sides of the sheet as I do, then this may not be the best option.

The quest for the perfect sketchbook continues…..

A boy and his cat

Another day, another learning experience.

15″x22″ transparent watercolors on Fabriano Artistico, softpress 140 lb.

The happy client.

Onward to new adventures in watercolor!

A boy and his cat, WIP

The boy with his favorite cat.

I try to keep it simple at the line stage.

First wash is still simple.  My lightest values are  darker than I like, but it’s watercolor not oil, so nothing can be done now.

We will meet back here tomorrow to view the finished painting.  See you then.